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Seascapes and  Landscapes



“…with painting, you set your own pace.  When I’m working with a painting, it’s taking me somewhere.  I see later, when I examine the painting, my moods. “

Ed Walsh as quoted in the Wall Street Journal – 10/25/2011


Figurative and Florals


Featuring the Paintings of Provincetown Artist, Ed Walsh

This “virtual” gallery is intended to provide an opportunity to purchase Ed’s work as well as showcase the works of other artists. If you see work that you like, it can be purchased from on this website, or you can contact us with any questions you might have. Please sign up below for our mailing list, and we’ll keep you posted about openings and other new developments.

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Artist Statement

I enjoy capturing a moment—not exactly, but as my impressions guide me.  There’s much about Provincetown that fills me with awe each day.  I feel truly blessed to live here as I do; surrounded by creative opportunity.  Our unique town, with its interplay of light, color, and textures constantly provides me with ideas for paintings.  Doing justice to all this on a two-dimensional surface is a continuous challenge.

See More of Ed Walsh’s Work at The Cortile Gallery, 230 Commercial Street, Provincetown, Massachusetts.